How To Write The Best Proposal as a Freelancer

The ever growing market of freelancers is becoming very competitive. Some numbers show that there are 54 million freelancers in the US alone. This is your competition, this is who you are competing against when sending a job proposal, so how do you stand out from the crowd? Honesty and a good background! It may sound simple but it’s not. Let’s try to break that down.

Make a strong entrance

Make it clear in the first few sentences that you have looked into their background and that you aren’t sending a generic message. For example, if you are a freelance writer looking to get a job at “Company X” start your proposal with something like “My 5 step program for improving the blog quality of Company X”. This will show that you put up a plan, did some research and have ideas on how to improve something that is of value to your potential client. Don’t give them everything, hold back on the details, just go over your plan lightly. You don’t want your proposal to be longer than 200 words.

Sell your strengths to them

It doesn’t matter what job you are applying for. Your strengths are what they will be looking for and it’s your job to sell them in the right way. If you have some previous work that aligns with their requirements show it off. Let them know that you have experience on similar projects and they will know what to expect from you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a logo design, blog writing or coding.


Put yourself in their shoes

What does this mean? Well, before clicking on that “send” button think about your proposal. Is it something that you as an employer would consider? Would it require additional questions form the potential client? If the answer is yes then don’t be shy to anticipate those questions. The most common one would be “did you have experience on similar projects?”. Don’t give them a chance to ask that. As mentioned above, be one step ahead and mention your previous experience right off the bat. Your potential client will appreciate that.

Say NO to templates

Having a template can be confusing and will give you a bad habit of not focusing on the key problems your potential client is trying to solve. Always read the proposal and try to focus on the key parts of it. Templates won’t help you with that and you will land fewer jobs with them.

Always be professional

When you get a good grasp of the key points mentioned above this will be the most important thing to remember. Your client will always appreciate working with a professional rather than with someone who talks to them like they are having a friendly Facebook chat. Start your messages with “Dear [Client’s Name]”, and end them with “Thanks, Best regards or Kind wishes, [Your Name]”. This will establish a professional relationship before you start working with your client and during the time you spend working for them.


Wrapping it up

Be honest, don’t be shy to show off your previous work and experience, keep it short but informative and always stay professional. Write that down and think about those things before sending a proposal. Happy job hunting!

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