20 Top-Paid skills For Freelancers in 2018

If you have heard from someone that you could make a living out of freelancing, that person was right and you definitely can make a living from it. The only question is what you are good at and how much you will get paid for it.

Accumulated billing data from 2017 on a popular freelancing website was sent to Money for analysis. This list was containing every billed hour on the platform and the end result is what we are talking about right now, the 20 top paid skills for freelancers in 2018.

The price range is a bit big. Some freelancers managed to bill over $100 while others got about $15 for an hour of work. This all depends on your skill, how many clients are looking for that skill and how many freelancers are offering those skills at this moment. It is completely logical to think that a programmer would earn more than a marketing assistant.

“Network Analysis,” which involves complex datasets and virtual systems, is currently the most paid job you can find online averaging about $200 per hour.. “Computer vision,” a component of AI development, averages $145 an hour. The third and fourth highest-paid skills, “Chef.io,” a programming language, and “neural networks,” a component of machine learning, average $140 an hour each.

All of these numbers show that freelancing wasn’t what it used to be. Just a few years ago freelancing was a way to earn money while you were looking for another job or when you have some free time to spare. Now there are people who are making a living from freelancing and, as you can see by the numbers they are making one hell of a living.

Besides the top three jobs, there are a lot of interesting professions on this list. Let’s have a look:

  1. Network analysis ($200)
  2. Computer vision ($145)
  3. Chef.io ($140)
  4. Neural networks ($140)
  5. Firmware engineering ($130)
  6. Hardware prototyping ($130)
  7. Cloud computing ($125)
  8. Intellectual property law ($120)
  9. Trade law ($115)
  10. Privacy law ($115)
  11. Spatial analysis ($110)
  12. Apple Watch ($110)
  13. NetSuite development ($110)
  14. Acquisition strategy ($110)
  15. Algorithm development ($100)
  16. Software debugging ($100)
  17. Digital signal processing ($100)
  18. Ad lyrics writing ($100)
  19. Natural language processing ($100)
  20. Data processing ($100)


If you belong to this group then what are you waiting for? The demand for these skills is starting to grow rapidly and you don’t want to be the last one in line. If you still don’t have any experience in freelancing be sure to read some of our blog posts like this one. It will help you get started in no time.

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