How to Land Your First Job

If you want to jumpstart your career as an IT professional in Europe, here are some amazing freelancer tips & tricks that you shouldn’t miss to help you land your first job.

IT is a booming career, not only in Europe, but in different countries because of the continuous technology advancements transpiring these days. Because of the high demand and the low competition, IT professionals have found a great way to maximize their time and earnings in their chosen niche. In Europe, a lot has looked at the opportunity of being a freelancer where they can jump from one company to another, not only because of the salary but also because of the experience that they can acquire, resulting in honing their knowledge and skills well.

How to Find a Freelance IT Job in Europe?

If you are someone who would like to find a freelance IT job in Europe, you need to check out these freelancer tips & tricks so you can nail your first job. Here are some foolproof ways that you must add to your checklist:

Have an Edge among Competitors

An IT professional has gone through rigid formal education to acquire his knowledge and skills. However, the methods of gaining these do not end by the time you have received your diploma. You have to understand that you must continuously hone and nurture your capabilities so you can strengthen your rapport with a potential client and surpass other competitors for the position. A good IT professional should update his knowledge as the technology continuously increases its features. If you have proven that you have the necessary skills and you plan to go beyond what the position requires, you guarantee the company you are applying for that you are an asset.

Know your Value

One question that IT freelancers in Europe asks is how much should they charge. The value of your services always depend on your skills, however, you have to consider the current trend in the market. Check out websites that show what IT freelancers in Europe is charging and base your skills to that range so you can figure out what your exact worth is.

Create a Winning Profile and CV

Some IT companies do not solely rely on the applications that they receive from their job posts. Some likes to find potential employees based on their requirements. You have to ensure that you initially establish your profile online so in case a hiring manager, or potentially a company’s CEO, has found your account, then you can have a high chance of getting an invitation to interview.

Your Curriculum Vitae matters, too. Know how you to format your CV, and provide all the relevant certifications and past work experiences to ensure that the hiring manager gets to see how you can be an asset to their company.

Our Platform Helps you Find an IT Contracting Job in Europe

There are different platforms where companies post their job listing, and you need to find them. Well, you can actually see a lot of IT contracting jobs in Europe here on our site and we have collated them to help you in finding the right company based on your preferences and experiences. These companies have high standards so you have to entice them to hire you, among all the other users of our platform, by following the aforementioned tips that we have given you.

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