How to start your day on the right track as a freelancer

Working as a freelancer has its perks and its flaws. It is important to start your day on the right track to be as productive as possible but also as motivated as possible. So what makes one day more productive and more enjoyable than another? Let’s take a look at some simple pieces of advice that could change the way you start your mornings.


1. Setting goals

We already talked about weekly goals on our blog so if you didn’t go through it be sure to check it out. This time we are referring to daily goals. If you planned out your week in the right way you should have a set of goals for every day of the week. Go through them and plan your time accordingly. For someone, it will be easier to focus on the easy tasks first and then get on the hard ones but for some, it is the opposite. Whatever the case is, you should have an end goal at the end of the day and a clear plan how to achieve it.

2. Get motivated

When you have the comfort to start your work at any given time of the day then you might get an illusion of time itself. The best practice is to get up early, if you have a workout routine finish that first and then get to work. Find motivation in your life goals. We are all working our way towards something so always keep that in mind while completing those daily tasks.

3. Plan your breaks

Working 8 hours straight with no breaks isn’t very healthy so be sure to include breaks in your workday. Usually, it works best if you have one long break for breakfast or lunch and some smaller ones for entertainment or recreation. Keeping your mind off work for a couple of minutes during the day can boost productivity when you get back on it. We have talked about some routines that you can use as well.

4. Treat freelancing as you would a normal job

Just because you are a freelancer doesn’t mean that you don’t have responsibilities. Treating your work as a normal 9-to-5 job will make you respect your work even more and make you feel grateful that you don’t need to listen to a grumpy boss when you are done with work. Having freedom during your workday is fantastic but you can’t have that freedom forever if you don’t respect and value what you have right now.

Always have a good mindset before you start your computer and get to work. If you aren’t motivated enough your productivity could suffer and after that your whole project. It can sometimes be hard to find that motivation but as mentioned above, setting goals and working towards them will always help you on your journey.
If you have some interesting ways of starting your day be sure to share them with us in the comments below.

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