Handling your freelance Work-life balance

Working from home may sound like a dream job, but it may be hard to handle everything that you need just by yourself sometimes. There are many situations in which people find themselves lost, because they don’t have a great plan. Let’s say that you have a family, like most of us do, or at least you live with a roommate, a friend, or with someone else. How to make time for everything? We will guide you through some different situations and help you to find the right answer for your particular ‘problem’! Let’s start!


1.Baby or children. Let’s say that you have a baby or children and you are working from home. Your husband or wife doesn’t work from home, so you have tons of obligations. You need to take care of your children, prepare the meals for everyone, do the laundry, clean the house and of course-do your job! It sounds like a lot, but all you have to do is to find the perfect time, and of course, the perfect clients. Don’t forget that you have a husband or a wife too!

-Talk with your spouse about the house responsibilities. Let’s say that you or your beloved one will prepare meals and clean the house on the day he or she is free. It would be the best to prepare the meals for the whole week (you can freeze them), so you won’t have to think about it. Besides that, you will eat more healthy that way.

-Know your children’s schedule and of course, their behaviors. It is hard to stay concentrated when you don’t have a piece of mind, and we can understand that very well. Be sure that you are able to work in those hours when your baby or child is at school, sleeping, or going to some sports activity (for example).

-Talk with your clients. Many clients understand very well those situations where people have little children and they work from home. You can talk about the due dates, about the time you need, and anything else that bothers you.

2.Other house members. Let’s say that you are a young freelancer, living with your parents and grandparents. They may not understand that you are working because they can see you at home (you will understand what I am talking about). Be sure to talk with them honestly in which hours you need the most concentration and please them to follow those rules. Also, be kind and show that you appreciate their gestures.

3.Your ‘other’ career. You may work as a freelancer, but you can also have a regular job besides this one. Maybe you are a blogger and want to earn some more money besides that one salary you get. When can you write? If you are a morning person, that you can find some time for writing your ideas down while you are at your office (if you work at the office). Then, you can write an article about it later in the evening, or in the afternoon, while you are drinking your favorite tea.

4.Hobbies. If you are training something or playing some instrument, for example, it may be hard to put all those obligations into one day. But, here is the thing-you don’t have to do it all in just one day. Let’s say that you have your football training tomorrow (for example), and around 12 hours to work in the next two days. Stay motivated and complete it all in that one day. Tomorrow, you will go to that training and enjoy your free time.

5.Relationships. Working from home can also cause some misunderstandings in the relationships. Be sure that you take at least an hour a day to hang ours with your friends. Go for a walk, it will clear up your mind. Don’t try to do it all through the social media, because it is not the same.

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