The Ultimate Freelancing Guide

In cooperation with Toptal we are recommding this must read guide for freelancers. It provides everything you need to know in order to succeed in your career as a freelancer. This guide is for skilled professionals thinking about making the jump into freelance work, and for current freelancers interested in uncovering best practices. You’ll find information on a wide range of topics relevant to all types of flexible work: registering as a business and managing personal finances; marketing your services and finding engagements; pricing your rate and collecting payments.

Throughout the guide, we’ll include tips and best practices sourced from experts in the Toptal talent network. These experts bring many years of experience freelancing across a variety of skill areas including software engineering, design, finance, and product management.

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When is it OK to say no to a job offer?

This is an issue that is mostly bothering new people who have entered the freelance world and feel that they should accept almost any offer that comes their way. What a lot of them forget is that experience is gained through work, some more challenging projects can’t be done without it and you have none. Think about the job offer before you make a move, take a moment to sit back and imagine yourself working on that project. If everything is telling you that you aren’t fit for it, then it’s better to say no then to get bad feedback before even starting your freelance career.

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Why Work as a Freelancer in Europe?

If you are a professional struggling to find a promising career that pique your interest, being a freelancer in Europe can be a rewarding option. It is true that most 9-5 jobs won’t let you nurture and showcase your talents simply because you are typically confined to specific job requirements. You follow your superiors’ instructions, and most of the time, no matter how great your ideas are, you are left with no choice but to shrug them off. Continue reading “Why Work as a Freelancer in Europe?”

The Art of Contracting in the UK

While the old adage goes that everyone has at least one book in them, not everyone is prepared to give up the career they already have in order to find out whether this is true. Similarly, starting out as a contractor when you have only ever previously been an employee can be a daunting prospect.

Even if it does appear to be a leap into the unknown, many people are prepared to take this step and will need to use certain techniques to create the best chance of becoming a successful contractor in the UK. Continue reading “The Art of Contracting in the UK”