How To Write The Best Proposal as a Freelancer

The ever growing market of freelancers is becoming very competitive. Some numbers show that there are 54 million freelancers in the US alone. This is your competition, this is who you are competing against when sending a job proposal, so how do you stand out from the crowd? Honesty and a good background! It may sound simple but it’s not. Let’s try to break that down.

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How to Stay Focused While Working as a Freelancer

Let’s face it, before we started our freelance journey we thought that it is the best possible solution for us. Flexible working hours, most of the time we can work how much we want, and when we want but some deadlines need to be met. When compared to a regular 9 to 5 job freelancing has a lot of advantages but they come at a price. Continue reading “How to Stay Focused While Working as a Freelancer”

Why Work as a Freelancer in Europe?

If you are a professional struggling to find a promising career that pique your interest, being a freelancer in Europe can be a rewarding option. It is true that most 9-5 jobs won’t let you nurture and showcase your talents simply because you are typically confined to specific job requirements. You follow your superiors’ instructions, and most of the time, no matter how great your ideas are, you are left with no choice but to shrug them off. Continue reading “Why Work as a Freelancer in Europe?”

The Art of Contracting in the UK

While the old adage goes that everyone has at least one book in them, not everyone is prepared to give up the career they already have in order to find out whether this is true. Similarly, starting out as a contractor when you have only ever previously been an employee can be a daunting prospect.

Even if it does appear to be a leap into the unknown, many people are prepared to take this step and will need to use certain techniques to create the best chance of becoming a successful contractor in the UK. Continue reading “The Art of Contracting in the UK”