Handling your freelance Work-life balance

Working from home may sound like a dream job, but it may be hard to handle everything that you need just by yourself sometimes. There are many situations in which people find themselves lost, because they don’t have a great plan. Let’s say that you have a family, like most of us do, or at least you live with a roommate, a friend, or with someone else. How to make time for everything? We will guide you through some different situations and help you to find the right answer for your particular ‘problem’! Let’s start!


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How much should you charge for your work as a Freelancer?

This is a common issue that we all encounter during our freelance career. You enter a space where you find a wide range of prices that sometimes make absolutely no sense. Some article writers will charge per hour, some per word and their price range can be pretty wide. You, as a newcomer become confused and have no idea what to do. Should you follow the one that has the lowest price, the one in the middle or the one with the highest price? The answer is none. You should always have a minimum price for your work calculated before you start sending the proposals. Continue reading “How much should you charge for your work as a Freelancer?”